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Criminals Who Care

A True Crime Podcast Hosted by Jen & Sarah. 


CWC is a storytelling podcast about criminals who target the aging population.

Sometimes the people you trust to care for your loved ones are not whom they seem... 



Call your Mom and Dad..

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Host & Co-Creator

Jen has a serious obsession with true crime documentaries, horror flicks, Halloween, and an immense soft spot for our most vulnerable community: aging adults. She works in healthcare doing marketing and has had the pleasure of getting to know many amazing aging adults! She resides in Knoxville, TN but is from Seattle, WA so, don't ask if she likes it here, you know the answer. ;)



Host & Creator

Sarah has worked with seniors the past 8 years, and has been witness to the horrific crimes that target seniors and their families. She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Jeff, and their bunnies, The Professor and Mickey.

“I enjoy laying on the couch, watching TV and wearing comfortable clothing.”
Not so fun fact: Sarah was robbed in Las Vegas on her wedding day.

Experts. Partners. Results. Proven to be the Right Choice. 

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