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Meet The Team

Casey Rausin.jpg

Casey has been with Choices in Senior Care since the beginning, but her passion for helping aging adults came long before this. Casey knew at the age of 10 that she wanted to pursue a career in healthcare by being by her Papaw’s side when he got sick. He passed away before she finished nursing school, but she attributes her career to him and continues to honor him in her daily work. 

Casey holds a degree in Nursing from Lincoln Memorial University, is Board Certified in Care Management and is a certified Aging Life Care Professional. Throughout her career, she has worked in many different areas, including med-surg, CCU, ER, skilled nursing, hospice, and home health. She is extremely passionate about being an advocate, guide, and fierce team leader for her clients.

After spending over a decade working with the aging population, Casey understands what it takes to help others age well in their environment of choice. She believes, “It’s about forming a connection with your clients to relieve stress and offer peace of mind while maintaining their dignity and grace.”

Casey’s great passion is her work but is also her family, outside of work, you will find her spending time with them every chance she gets.

Casey Rausin, RN, CCM

Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie C.jpg

Stephanie has been a valuable team member with Choices in Senior Care since 2016, passionately advocating for our clients and guiding them through their healthcare challenges. She has over 14 years of experience as a registered nurse, and she received her BSN in 2016. Throughout her career Stephanie has worked in a variety of roles, such as Director of Nursing and Program Manager. She has also gained valuable experience from specializing in many different areas, including NICU, high risk labor and delivery, travel nursing, cardiac, and pulmonary renal floor, making her very versatile and able to work on a multitude of contracts.


Stephanie showcases our core values and mission everyday through her dedication to her work and clients. She says, “I always do whatever it takes whether it’s for my clients or co-workers. I always want to make sure I do all things to the best of my ability.” 

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and being outdoors!

Stephanie Carroll, RN

ALCA Care Manager

Dawn Groff_edited.jpg

Dawn has been identifying and overcoming challenges as a Care Manager at Choices in Senior Care since 2019. A University of Tennessee BSN graduate, Certified Case Manager and certified Aging Life Care Professional, Dawn offers expertise and compassion to her clients. With a career that includes fifteen years in home health and eight years as a field care manager, specifically as a home health nurse, hospice coordinator, and hospital liaison. She is well-versed and skilled in senior care.


Dawn excels at being able to identify a need, fulfilling the need and seeing the client benefit because of it. She takes pleasure in getting to know her clients and their background, allowing for a personal approach in her care. She is a true representation of our core value, we have a servant's heart.

Outside of work, Dawn enjoys gardening, fishing and hunting.

Dawn Groff, RN

ALCA Care Manager

Jenni Deboard.jpg

Helping others and being a part of a team with the same goal has always been a passion of Jenni’s. She has been a Registered Nurse since 2008 and has the wonderful ability to make her clients feel like family. Her diverse career has given her experience in a multitude of different areas, including private care management, Medicaid, telephonic nurse first response, community-based nursing through telemedicine, and care coordination.  In her role as Program Manager, Jenni enjoys helping her team in anyway she can, setting them up for success professionally and personally. She said, “I enjoy the relationships that are built working as a team to help meet our clients' needs. The community that has been created at Choices in Senior Care truly strives to exceed our clients' expectations and assist them with the best care possible!” 

Jenni naturally encompasses all five of our core values and exceeds in delivering on our mission. As a team, she truly believes Choices in Senior Care does whatever it takes to advocate for clients with dignity and respects everyone while embracing teamwork.  

Outside of work, Jenni enjoys spending time with her family going camping and spending time on their farm, swimming and riding horses.

Jenni DeBord, RN

Contract Program Manager

Missy K.jpg

Melissa, also referred to as Missy, has been a dependable Care Manager with Choices in Senior Care since 2014. Her passion has always been with the older population and helping her clients age in place, with over 20 years of experience as registered nurse, Certified Case Manager, and certified Aging Life Care Professional. Missy’s extensive career includes fourteen years of experience in home health, two years in hospice, and ten years in cardiac units. She describes herself as dedicated to her work, loyal, and values honesty. 

Missy truly embodies our core value, we own it, and has helped set the precedent of the level of care we deliver.  She said, " I go the extra mile for my patients."

Outside of work, Missy enjoys reading, hiking, stained glass art and pottery.

Melissa Kauffman, RN, CCM

ALCA Care Manager


Susan has been a dedicated Care Manager at Choices in Senior Care since 2019, offering a unique and diverse career in healthcare. She graduated from The University of Maryland with a degree in Business Management, is a certified LPN, Certified Case Manager, and Aging Life Care Professional. Susan's extensive background includes a career of over 12 years as a nurse in the Air Force. 

She is a dependable team player and enjoys being able to make a difference in her clients' lives by offering solutions to their problems and helping them overcome any challenges. Her attention to detail and dedication to her clients makes Susan an exemplary example of Choices in Senior Care's mission and values.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading, gardening, and traveling.

Susan Robinson, LPN, CCM

ALCA Care Manager

Experts. Partners. Results. Proven to be the Right Choice. 

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