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Transitional Care Services

Can You Utilize Our Services? 
Since Medicare-based Transitional Care programs began, hospital re-admission averages have dropped significantly when at-risk individuals receive in-home Care Management. Choices in Senior Care has proven our ability to significantly decrease hospital re-admission rates.



2012: Our population's readmission average.


• We specialize in community-based Care Management services to the Medicare population, having successfully provided Care Management for one of the top five Managed Care Organizations in the country for more than 5 years.



• In 2017, we provided Care Management to over 5,500 clients across Tennessee, NW Georgia, SW Virginia, NE Alabama, Southern Kentucky, and NW North Carolina in a 30-day hospital readmission reduction program.



• In 2012, the hospital re-admission average for the population served by Choices in Senior care was 29%. In 2017, our population's readmission average was 16.7%.


• People who receive Care Management services provided by Choices in Senior Care can decrease hospitalization re-admission rates and improve quality of life. Our Transitional Care program provides time-limited services designed to ensure continuity of healthcare and avoid preventable poor outcomes for at-risk individuals as they move among levels of care.

2017: Our population's readmission average.

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